Cookie Statement – Royal Squad

Cookie Statement – Royal Squad

The Royal Squad website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website, provide certain user functionalities of our website and allow us to improve our website.

A cookie is a small file written by the website and stored locally in a web browser or the file system of your computer or mobile device. We use the following types of cookies:

Functionality cookies

Tyto cookies jsou nezbytné pro provoz naší webové stránky. Patří mezi ně například cookies, které vám umožňují se přihlásit do zabezpečených částí našich stránek, ukládat obrázky do lightboxu, používat nákupní košík a přistupovat k informacím o vašem účtu.

Customization cookies

These cookies are used to recognize you when you return to our website. This allows us to customize our content for your, welcome you by your name and remember your preferences (e.g. language or country selection).

Analytical / performance / test cookies

These cookies allow us to detect and count the number of visitors as well as observe the way our visitors move across the website when using it. This helps us improve the way our website works. For example, this allows users to find what they are looking for easily. These cookies help us provide you with the same experience even when testing different versions of the website’s elements and functionalities.

For more information about each of the cookies we use and the purposes for which they are used, see the table below:

Cookie type Cookie name Purpose
  • IRF_3
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmt
  • __utmz
  • _ga
  • _gat
  • LilBro
These cookies are necessary for our page because:

  • They estimate the size of our target group and usage patterns and determine which parts of the website are used the most.
  • _photo_session_id
  • _ym_visorc_23564932
  • accts_customer
  • active_lightbox
  • ajs_anonymous_id
  • ajs_group_id
  • ajs_user_id
  • be463a6exp
  • did
  • easel.session
  • eu_cookie
  • is_returning
  • is_returning
  • is_returning
  • language
  • ssssidd
  • visit_id
  • visitor_id
  • locale
These cookies are necessary for our page because:

  • They store the information about your preferences and allow us to edit our website according to the needs of the customer and provide you with offers aimed at your individual interests.
  • These cookies recognize you when you return to our website.
  • They allow you to use our website in a way that is much more convenient for your viewing experience. For example, this way we can allow you to store items in your e-shopping cart between visits. If you register with us, we will use cookies to remember your account information during the current visit and for all future visits. However, in the meantime you must not delete the cookie files.
A/B testing
  • optimizelyBuckets
  • liveagent_vc
  • optimizelyEndUserId
  • optimizelySegments
These cookies are necessary to provide the same experience from our website and new features.
Chat support
  • liveagent_sid
  • liveagent_ptid
  • liveagent_oref
These cookies are necessary to provide the functionality of customer support via live chat.

We also work with third parties that provide us with services we use for promoting and maintaining our website. Some allow us to test and ensure proper functionality of our website. Other measure the influence and effectiveness of our advertising. And other allow us to see recommendations from our partners.

Please read the information on the protection of the privacy of our partners (links below) to make sure that you agree with their use of cookies. We have also provided you with the links to withdraw from their services, if you wish to do so.

Facebook Facebook provides a certain functionality of the website, helping us to place an ad on Facebook and track the performance of ads we place on Facebook. Facebook cookies, pixels and similar technologies
Krux Krux provides a technology platform designed to help website administrators and protect consumer data. Krux privacy policy Unsubscribe from Krux cookies
Crazy Egg Crazy Egg provides analytical services to help us understand how our website works for visitors and measures the performance of our website. Crazy Egg privacy policy Unsubscribe from Crazy Egg tracking
Yandex These technologies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Yandex. Yandex privacy policy
Bing These technologies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Bing. Microsoft Bing Ads Privacy Policy Microsoft privacy statement
Pingdom We use the Pingdom website to monitor the availability of the Royal Squad website. Pingdom privacy policy
Google These cookies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Google. How Google uses cookies for advertisement Royal Squad uses Google Analytics to measure the usage of our website and services, and for subsequent reporting. Unsubscribe from Google Analytics
Daum These tracking technologies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Daum. Daum privacy statement
Yahoo These tracking technologies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Yahoo. Yahoo cookies policy Unsubscribe from Yahoo Ad Interest Manager
LinkedIn These tracking technologies help us place advertisement on LinkedIn. LinkedIn privacy policy Unsubscribe from LinkedIn
Impact Radius We use Impact Radius to monitor recommendations from our subsidiaries. Impact Radius privacy policy
MixPanel We use MixPanel in some of our applications to analyse user interactions. MixPanel privacy policy Unsubscribe from MixPanel
Optimizely Optimizely provides A/B testing services and its cookies are necessary to provide a stable experience from our website and its new elements. Optimizely privacy policy Unsubscribe from Optimizely tracking
Salesforce Salesforce services are necessary to provide the functionalities of customer service. Salesforce privacy policy
Reddit These tracking technologies allow us to track the performance of ads placed on Reddit. Reddit privacy policy
Sizmek We use the Sizmek service to monitor the success and management of advertising campaigns Sizmek privacy policy and logout
User Voice User Voice provides us with user overview services. User Voice privacy policy

You can block cookies in your browser settings, where you have the option to refuse some or all cookies. However, if you set your browser to block all cookies (including the basic ones), your access to some or all parts of our parts may be restricted.

More information about online advertising management and leaving ads and cookies tracking can be found at

If you have any further questions or if you are interested in our use of cookies, customization and technology, please contact us at

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