A captivating, world-class drum show.

Masks, uniforms, sensational energy, beat. Unique to the Czech music scene, a royal army in the heart of Europe.

Take off your mask. Live the moment. Be a part of it. Be the universe. Be YOU. We are the Groove Army. We are the Royal Squad. We are you, you are us. Now listen, feel, listen…

A new project of the Groove Army drumming group – Royal Squad, extends over a number of music genres, and aspires to be an audiovisual show of a multinational format rather than offering just an ordinary concert. When creating the show, Tokhi, the project’s leader, drew from his lifelong experience in music and music travels across the majority of the coantinents on our beautiful planet. Royal Squad is the ultimate presentation of the best the Groove Army could have ever dreamed of. The realization of each concert involves an impressive intro, masks, exquisite costumes and a fine-tuned scene. Aside from the drum storm played on the band’s classic instruments, you will also see a concert drum kit, DJ set, a giant gong, or barrels that fill the entire stage. You have to see this.

Enough of games, G.A.R.S., the white masks and intense beats planted in modern arrangements will take the viewers’ breaths away.  

We are the Groove Army. We are the Royal Squad. We are you, you are us.


Experience the Groove Army, bring the Royal Squad to your base

13 + 15 =

The Groove Army can also arrive alone to a production without the sufficient space on stage, audio equipment, or without the budget to cover the entire drumming crew. Even so, we sound awesome!